Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sari's Wedding...

not Patricks! Just playing, it was Patrick's also. Yesterday was THEIR wedding. I was so blessed to be there. I have always looked up to my big sister. I always wanted to be like her. The same friends, the same clothes, same shoes, same body style. She has always been my hero. I remember how she would always take care of me. When I was sick, she would go pick me up at school and take me to get an ice cream at Burger King. I called her mom until 8th grade. She has ALWAYS been there for me whenever I needed someone. I love her very much! I'm so proud to call her my sister. She has been getting ready to get her endowments out for a long time coming now, and in May she did! I was blessed enough to be there, and now I concider it a HUGE blessing to be there at her sealing. It was such an emotional morning. She got sealed where our Eternal Family began, in the L.A. Temple. My parents were sealed there almost 32 years ago. As soon as we got into the Sealing Room, I started to cry. The Spirit was so strong and so peaceful. Then in they came, radient, full of joy and love. After the ceremony, we embraced and cried. She told me I was a bad influence on her because she wasn't crying until I hugged her. I have that influence on people, I make them cry. After the Temple there were a few pics taken then we went to get the girls ready. Together they have 5 kiddos, 4 of them girls. So Diana and I went to Fea's, Sariah, house and started to get them ready. After that, off we went to the reception. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding, but sadly it was 110 degrees outside. We were all roasting. Oh well, it was a lot of fun! The food was yummy and at the end, we danced. The first dance of the night was Sari and I dancing a cumbia. Oh man the memories. It was a wonderful day! I wish Sari and Patrick the best of wishes on their new adventure. I love you both very much. Patrick, you are one lucky man. You are married to an amazing woman! Cherish each other every day.


Carla has had the same two ear infections for about a month. She has been in so much pain, and exceptionally moody and clingy. I don't blame her of course. If I had two month long ear infections I would want my mommy also. Anyways, about a week ago I took Carla back in for a check up and her ear infection STILL hadn't gone away. Dr. Nuttal said it was time to refer us to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. We went in on Monday and he told us that it would be smart to get her tubes done, but didn't HAVE to because they were just starting to get bad. Considering I had a lot of ear infections when I was little and we were flying on Friday and there was a risk of her ear drums bursting, we decided the best decision was to get them put in.

Friday morning came and we took her in to the surgical center at 7am. We did paperwork and met with the doctor, anesthesiologist, and nurse until 8am came and they took my baby away. As they took her back crying and screaming into the O.R. I started to get worried. I was concerned for my little baby, but within 20 min, they came and got us. As we were walking to the recovery room, I heard her wake up. She was screaming and crying. She had just woken up from the anesthesia and was still confused and drowsy. She didn't know what was going on. It was oh so sad because I couldn't calm her down for about 10 minutes, until Zach started acting like a silly goose and she finally cracked a smile.

We brought her home, Zach went to work, Carla's nurse came for her 10 month appt, and then she went down for a nap. Amazingly enough she slept for 3 1/2 hours! It was really convenient because I was able to finish getting ready for the trip.

I'm grateful for doctors who are able to perform such pain alleviating procedures.

2 monkeys

Two little monkeys swinging in the "love sack"?? Funny honey! I love how Zach can revert to being 10 months old! They both LoVe being upside down. I love you babies!


For the first time since we moved here, we went to dinner just because! It is so great to be financially stable. We decided to go to the "Pirate Island" place over by University/Old Mall. It was such a blast! Carla was loving the food! It was super yummy and very inexpensive! We are great fans of that place. It was a nice atmosphere, lots of piratey things... a pirate waiter, pirate bussers, a pirate ship inside the restaurant, etc...

My "rrr" face!

Walk in the Canyon

Earlier this month, for our morning walk we went up the canyon. It was so much fun! We I love our walking group. We are able to bond so much as friends and sisters. I learn so much from each one of the sisters, and am able to feel good about myself also. Walking every morning has helped my self image so much! Since having Carla, I have lost 50 lbs!! Yes, 50!! It is amazing! It makes me so much happier the rest of the day also, and Carla has become addicted to her morning walks. She loves them. She just relaxes and looks at everything or takes a quick nap. She is also a happier baby when we walk.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Baby!

Yup yup, Zach and I have a new baby! We haven't pick out a name for her yet, but will soon. Hmm, maybe Mahana the 10 cow wife! She definatly is the nicest car we've had yet. We have been car hunting for about 2 months now, and we're done searching. We got an awsome deal on it. It is a 2007 Saturn Ion Level 2, silver, tinted windows, 34,000 miles, with a 100,000 mile warranty. Oh yeah baby! She rides so smooth!
Zach wants to name the car Gloria. He says that is the only woman he's riding! LOL!! Teresa is too sweet, and Gloria is the bad girl. Oh my funny hubby! P.S. My name is Gloria Teresa... in case you hadn't caught on. (The picture will be posted tomorrow.)