Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Fun!

Zach took Carla outside to play in the fall leaves. She loved it!! Zach would stomp on the leaves, and she would just start laughing and laughing. She LOVED crawling in the leaves. Zach is such a good daddy. Taking her out to play even though I can't. Although I have to admit, I did step outside for a few minutes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swine Flu??

I have been feeling miserable for the last few days. Body aches, fever of 101-102, coughing, head aches, loss of appetite, etc... I finally decided to call the doctor yesterday, and he said that because Carla is so young, and has a history of bronchitis, I needed to go get tested within the hour so that I could start a treatment. Yay for me. As for right now, I am just waiting for my results, and am quarantined in my house. My wonderful mom came over yesterday when I went to go take the test and cleaned my WHOLE house, and even made us lunch AND dinner. My dad came over later, he and Zach gave Carla a blessing, and my mom had sent with him freshly baked beans, french bread, chicken, and Lysol. I love my family. They really do take such good care of me. Zach has gotten up with Carla during the nights, has put her to bed, helped me take showers, gently rubbed my back, set up the laptop in the bedroom so that I could watch Pride and Prejudice in the room while I was laying down, and even froze last night because I was sweating out part of my fever. What a wonderful man! I am SO blessed to have such an amazing husband.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Posing with her new favorite toy..

A CRATE!! Tee hee hee!


I can't believe that it has almost been a month since my last blog. There is so much to say. I'll start with Carla... Of course! I have started to TRY to teach her how to feed herself using a spoon. Yup, as seen below, why does she need a spoon when she has hands??? She still won't feed herself, so I decided, she isn't ready. I get to feed her a little while longer. I love watching her eat finger foods though. She usually makes such a mess, that the most effective way to clean her is to stick her in the bath! I'm loving being a mom!

Carla has been really sick lately. This is how we know that she is REALLY, REALLY sick.... she snuggles! She was vomiting for 3 weeks, had diarehhea for 3 1/2 weeks, has had two yeast infections, currently on her third, back to back colds, and on the 14th she cut her left 18 month molar, and on the 16th, cut her right 18 month molar. They did stool samples to see why she has had diarreah and been vomiting for so long. Although it was to no avail. Everything came back negative. So, doctor's diagnose... a virus. Poor baby! During the whole ordeal, she was put on a liquid diet... TWICE, and then we had to gradually reintroduce solids. She was NOT a fan of the liquid diet, except for the fact that now she is in love with nursing again. She nurses for at least 10 minutes on each side. Fun stuff, especially because I'm supposed to be weaning her this month. Well, we'll see how it goes.My mommy, bringing Carlita, Gatorade, during her liquid diet time.

Some people think this is too mushy, but I LOVE IT! One of the many reasons why Zach is the love of my life...Mission Reunion Time!!! I love Pres. and Sister Haines. They have been such amazing rolemodels in my life. I would love to have the same charity that Sister Haines has for EVERYONE she meets. What amazing people they are. Sadly, three days after the reunion a beloved couple sister missionary was called home. Sister Ruth Merrill. I love her dearly and is missed so much! I loved randomly recieving her phone calls, just checking up on Carla. She made her some burp cloths. They will be treasured forever.

We loved seeing many of our other mission friends. Oh what fun! Homles, I don't have a picture of us! Know that I love you though!