Sunday, May 17, 2009


Tooth number three poped in three Saturdays ago! The funny thing is that it isn't either of her top middle teeth, but next to it, on her right side. It isn't a common normality, but it is a common abnormality. Today, tooth four poped out, on the left side, still no front teeth! My parents call her "draculita" which mean, little dracula. It is so funny especially because I used to also be a draculita. I had orthodontic procedures to lower my canines into place because they were to high. Too funny!
She looks so stinking cute, and funny with her little dracula teeth, but I don't think that they will last long. Her front gums are getting really soft and starting to turn white, the precursor to the teeth cutting through. I can't believe it, by the time she turns 7 months old, she'll have SIX teeth. My oh my does time go by so fast!

Carlita Loves Mommy

Every morning, Zach wakes up with the baby and plays with her for about an hour or two so I can get some extra sleep. Well, unbeknown to me, he walks around the house with her explaining all the pictures, who are in them, where they were taken, etc... When they are walking around he stops at our family picture and she tries to touch me. She grabs for me and gets so happy, and then upset because I won't get her. No matter what part of the frame she is close to, if she in front of Zach and her or me, she only tries to touch me. This just melted my heart when Zach showed me. I know that she loves me, and this little act makes all the difficulties of being a mom melt away and be unimportant. I love being Carla's mom and am thankful for a husband who encourages her to have affection for me. He has taught her how to give kisses and hugs! It is so adorable!!

Kyha's Sealing

On Saturday we went up to Salt Lake for Kyha's sealing. Melissa and Alan adopted her when she was minutes old, two years later the adoption was finally made final. They had a lot of problems with their attorney who was supposed to have finalized everything over two years ago, but never did.
Now she is three years old and just barely finalized everything. Drama drama drama! We were blessed to go to the sealing which was so special and spiritual. I started crying even before they were blessed. I just saw Melissa and Alan, and I lost it. I am so happy for them. This is such a blessing after so many trials that they have gone through.
Then when the three girls walked in wearing their beautiful white dresses, it was as if we were in heaven, and they were little angels.
The sealer taught us about Elias and Elijah and the sealing power. It was very insightful about how Elias is the forerunner to Elijah and the different Elias' and Elijahs that there have been. Kyha held on to Melissa's thumb as she was being sealed, it was precious. Alan looked so proud and overjoyed! Afterwards we went to the luncheon and were able to witness Kyha also be blessed. What an amazing spiritual morning. I am so glad to have the Gospel in my life, for the knowledge, comfort, and peace it brings to me. I am grateful for the Priesthood and the many blessings that can be preformed with it.

Blessings Left and Right!!

On Friday Zach prayed for us to find a job within the next two days. I thought he was crazy. Jobs don't pop up on Saturday and Sunday. I guess I was almost thinking, "God doesn't preform miracles on the weekend, silly." Well, did God ever prove me wrong! Saturday morning Kyha was sealed to Melissa and Alan (my bro and sis in-law). Alan is the manager Winger's in Vernal. He is currently in need of a cook, he offered Zach the job. Of course, Zach was very doubtful, but once he heard that they have a spare bedroom and we would all go up during the week and come home during the weekend, he was much more willing to do it. We will be up there by June 1st if not earlier. We will be doing this arrangement until Zach finds another job down here in Orem. The other nice parts of this arrangement are that I will be able to work a couple hours as a waitress, which is something that I am very experienced in doing and the Temple is SO close, and my sister will be able to watch on Carla so we can go! Woo Hoo!! We will be able to go weekly once again, for at least a little while. And we will be able to build a stronger bond with our family and nieces. They already adore "Uncle Ake" and Abcde (Carla Abcde pronounced Absdee) and so it will be so nice to have our two families bond. So one prayer most definitely answered! So yeah, Father does preform miracles, even on Saturdays!

Then on Saturday evening I went to work for a few hours at my parents place, "Tommy's Burger" and when I got home I saw a bag in the living room. Zach told me that when he came home around six it was on the porch. I opened the bag and there was clothes for Carla. The exact sizes that she needs. Whoever gave us that clothes is an angel sent from Father. I know that they heeded the prompting from Father to relieve my stress and concern. Dear Angel, thank you.

Father so many times sends us angels, both in this side of the veil and the other. I know that God watches over us and is waiting to bless us. He loves each of us so very much and uses us as instruments in his hands to help His children. I thank Him for sending so many angels to us in our times of need.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Once again, Zach didn't work most of the week. He only worked on Monday for 3 hours! OUCH!! You know, sometimes Father's ways are so difficult to follow. We have been consistanly looking for a new job and placing applications for the past 3 months, and with no avail. It is so difficult not being able to buy Carla clothes that fit her because we don't have the money. We can buy her a few little things here and there, but with the rate that she has grown, she has very little clothes that fit her well. I see how our life would be so much easier if I would work, but every time we pray about it, we get a very strict "NO, this is time that you need to dedicate to Carla. It is Zach's job to provide for the family." Often times I find myself crying and begging Father for peace. All I want is peace, and a confirmation that everything will be okay. Then I recieve that peace, and the next day, I get frustrated again, and pray for peace, and of course a job. I have such a hard time being able to keep the feelings that the Spirit pours into my heart. I quickly forget that comfort that I felt just hours before and have to pray for the same thing once again. I do know that all will be well, we pray, read our scriptures, pay tithing and fast offering, and try to be as obedient as we can, and the Lord will bless us for our efforts. I feel like sometimes I get frustrated with His timetable. I want my blessing now, and I want them to come easily, but I KNOW that is NOT how Father works. We are here to prove ourselves, to show Father that even though life may not be as easy as we would like, and although we may suffer, we will obey, we will have faith. I guess that is what mortality is for. It is for Father to allow trials to bombard us, and sometimes He quickly comes to our aide, and sometimes He waits, and sees how WE will handle our trials, will we rebel or will we obey? As for now, we will make do, we will continue to fill out applications, send resumes, and pray, hope, and have faith. "This to shall pass."

Another Happy Sick Baby Update...

Before I start, I just have to vent about one thing... Pepe. I guess the only thing that bothers me about it is that I feel like she is getting addicted to "Pepe, her boyfriend," as we call him, others call him a binky or pacifier. We didn't want her to be one of those babies that you only see with the binky in their mouth. Where they can't do anything without that binky. But now that she is sick, she starts to cry and here comes Pepe! Oh well, as soon as she is well, she'll have to break up with her boyfriend. Anyways, back to my sick baby...

On Wednesday we went to the doctor because Carlita is still sick. It has now been over two weeks and it is so hard to see her so sick. At the same time they did her 6 month visit. We found out that she is in the 95% for her height 27", and 90% for her weight 19.6 lbs! She is the average height and weight of a one year old! He said it wasn't too common to see a baby's weight jump so much after 5 months. Oh well, we like her PLUMPY!! Perfect for loving on! I love holding her and feeling her fat between my fingers! I really need to go through her clothes and pull out what doesn't fit her. So much of her clothes I have to stretch and stretch just to get it to snap closed. Tee hee hee!!

Well, it turns out that she doesn't have Bronchiolitis anymore, thankfully, but she got another cold when she was getting over her Brionchiolitis. The doctor also said that there is no reason why she should still be wheezing unless she has asthma. Talk about a dosey! He gave her albuterol, which we have to give her twice a day for six days. Since she is so small, they can't diagnose her with asthma because they have to do other tests to make sure, but he suspects that she has it. We hope that it is something that she will grow out of. We have to watch her closely because she will start to cough and cough until her lips turn blue and she starts vomiting. It hurts so bad seeing her in so much pain and watching her struggle to breath. Last night it was especially bad. She still can't sleep through the night because she will have coughing attacks. Last night she started coughing and I ran to get her so that I could console her before her coughs got to bad, but I was too late. She coughed and coughed until she vomited. I couldn't take it anymore, I made Zach call Jake to come help him with a blessing. I just held my baby and sobbed. In my head I pleaded with my Father in heaven, "Why do such things have to happen to innocent babies? Don't take her away from me, please Father, let her stay here with me. I promise I'll be a better mother, I promise I'll be more obedient. Please, you have healed me so many times, I have seen you heal so many others, won't you heal her? Please, heal her. I promise that I will study my scriptures every day, that I will be more obedient, and complain less. I promise, I promise. Heal her please, I know that thou art omnipotent and can preform this miracle, please Father, please." Jake arrived, dressed in his church clothes, I gave a humble prayer to invite the Spirit, Zach anointed, and Jake sealed the anointing. He stated that her lungs would be opened, that she would get the rest that her body needed, he blessed her with the knowledge that her parents loved her, and that she was looked after. He also said that she would have the strength to fight off this infirmity and that we, her parents, would look to her for strength. He also blessed us with strength to help her. The rest of the night was still scary, her breathing would suddenly be more wheezy, and she would cough and cough. At 4am I got her out after another coughing/vomiting attack, I fed her, and laid her down with me. She still woke up 3 more times before waking up for the day at 7am.

During the day, the really got the rest that she needed though. She fell asleep playing on the floor for the very first time. We went to run errands and she slept the whole time. Her 2 hour afternoon nap turned into a 4 hour nap! It was amazing! And then she went down for the night at 7pm. Today she hasn't had any coughing/vomiting attacks for which I am so grateful. I know that Father will bless her with health. I know that He doesn't rejoice when He sees us suffering and helpless, but that He cries with us and suffers with us. I do know that we HAVE to go through trials so that we can become perfected. I just pray that Father will give me the strength to overcome the trials that lay ahead, and that I am currently going through.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Early Anniversary! THE BIG T W O!!

With so many things going on right now in our lives, we decided that we won't be able to celebrate our anniversary on the 26th of May this year. We ended up celebrating on Tuesday the 12th. Carla had just fallen asleep and we got the news that Zach wasn't going in for work. We were very frustrated and Zach decided to go to the Temple. I wanted so badly to go, but couldn't because of Carla. I called Beth to ask about who in the ward wouldn't mind babysitting a sick baby for a couple of hours on short notice so we could go to the Temple together. She reminded me that I have amazing visiting teachers and that they would love to provide service for me. I called up Pat Childs and she gladly accepted and was over within ten minutes! We quickly left and were able to go to the 4:40pm session. If was such an amazing experience! We hadn't been to a session since a week before Carla was born, so it was very much needed. I felt peace about our financial situation and loved. I also felt that I need to be better. I need to read my scriptures more often and ponder on them more. I loved being in the Celestial Room with my beloved husband. Being with him there is so comforting.
Then we rushed home because it was time for Carla to eat and when we got there, much to our surprise, she was still asleep! When she awoke, I fed her and we decided to go out on our anniversary dinner. We went to Winger's, only because we had a $20 gift card from Alan and Melissa. We had loads of fun. We ate and drank limeades, and laughed; especially when we gave Carlita lemon! We even stayed under the $20! It was a perfect day, the morning in the Lord's house, and the evening laughing.
I love my husband so much! Zach baby, you are the love of my life. I don't know how I would live each day to it's fullest without you. When you are with me you make me want to be so much better, you make me want to be that "perfect wife" that you see. I know that we will be together for time and all eternity, and somehow it doesn't seem long enough. When we were engaged you promised to make me laugh every day of my life, and you have kept that promise. I am so blessed to have you as my companion, and my friend. Even when times are difficult, I know that your shoulder is always there for me to cry on, your arms are there to hold me and give me comfort. I love you sweetheart, you are my greatest friend, you complete me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Moving!

Well, the time has come, we are moving to a new place. It will be our fourth move since we got married two years ago. On the 28th we will be in our new place! :) We are so lucky because it is a 3 bedroom apartment, and 350 sq ft bigger. WOO HOO!! So we have been blessed to find a really nice landlord who is letting us paint the apartment and is going to pay us to paint. Oh goodness, it is going to be a long end of the month. There is so much going on, 2 sealings, 1 wedding, 31 family members flying in, 3 staying at our place, Carla is still sick, still in search of a new job for Zach, wedding crowns that need to be made, birthday presents that also need to be made, and we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary...ALL WITHIN TWO WEEKS!! Man are we ever in for a dosey! Oh well such is life. Oh yeah, we are only moving one block north and staying in our same ward. :)

Mother's Day

This is my first official Mother's Day! Woo Hoo! The past two years Zach has gotten me Mother's Day presents and says that I'm a future mother, but this year he went all out! Probably because Carlita was helping him plan it all! Since Carla is still sick and contagious, we went to my dad's ward and were able to be with my mommy for the meeting. The go to a Single's Ward, so there aren't any kids to pass Carla's germs to. Afterwards we came home and Zach cooked lunch. He made extra meaty BBQ ribs, elote loco (crazy corn: butter, mayo, mustard, Parmesan cheese), and REAL mashed potatoes. UMMMMMMMM!!!! My mom was here so we watched my brother's wedding DVD. She wasn't able to go and she hadn't seen the DVD, so we made it as part of her present. Then we watched the movie "Angelitos Negros" (Black Angels), an old Pedro Infante movie which was part of my present. We ate our super yummy food, then we gave my mom her present! Ty and I worked long and hard on it, and it turned out beautiful! She was so excited! It was a frame which read, "I wouldn't be so spoiled if someone would spank Grandma" and it had pictures of her 6 grandbabies. Awww!
After my parents left, Zach gave me my present... a scavenger hunt! I found flower seeds, a pot, soil, old fashioned root beer and vanilla cream soda, truffles, and the movie Chocolate!
Woo hoo for presents!
I have been telling Zach that I really want a garden, but I can't exactly plant one in my apartment, so he gave me a pot and the seeds to plant a little one. He is so stinking thoughtful. I love it!

After I found my presents, we went outside and I planted my garden while Carla and Zach played on the lawn. Then we took a nap together. Well, more like I took a nap. Carla started to get fussy so Zach came inside with her and I stayed sleeping outside for about an hour! Oh blissful sleep! Then we ate dinner, chicken squares with peas, my favorite. I went to wish a couple of my girlfriends a happy mother's day, came home, and went to sleep. It was such a good day! Very relaxed and calm, and full of yummy food, just like holidays should be.

I am so grateful for my moms and the wonderful examples that they are to me. They are always there when I need someone to talk to, vent to, whine to, complain to, rejoice with, cry with, and look up to. I am so blessed to have an angel mother who raised me with so much love, devotion, and faith. I will always remember the many lessons that she taught me, especially to make the best out of every situation, using faith and joy. I love you mami!

Mom, thanks for raising such an amazing son who is the love of my life, the father of my children, and my eternal companion. You are an inspiration to me. I love you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Diana's Bridal Shower and Abuelita

Friday we went up to my "mom's" house for Vanessa's birthday and to celebrate Mother's Day with mom. We gave her a picture frame that had our latest family picture. She was so excited!
We gave Vanessa a body wash and I made her a necklace. I get into these arty fartsy moods and make artsy fartsy presents for everyone. It is so much fun!

I even made Carlita her first anklet! Maho and Cindy bought her a pineapple pendant in Hawaii, so I decided to make it into an anklet and then keep extending it as she grows.

On Saturday my mom and I threw Diana a bridal shower. She is marrying, Abi, my little brother on May 23, 3 days before Zach and mine 2 year anniversary. We started a bit late because of course, the Hispanics were all at least an hour late. So frustrating! I really hate that about my culture, and even in the "mormon" culture, heaven's forbid you actually be on time to something! Grrrr! But all of the Caucasians were on time, and it was so nice to chat with old friends! I love my mom's friends, and now that I'm older I can actually pipe in during the conversations with something to say based on experience! Anyways... we a tied a quilt and worked on the flower centerpieces for the activity and my mom made Paea, which of course was delicious! I have to admit that my favorite part of the day was watching my mom play with Carlita. There is something so special about seeing my mom play love on my daughter and Carla recognize her Abuelita and talk, coo, and laugh back. I could watch them for hours.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Sick Baby Update...

This was Carla right before she got suctioned. Little did she know what was heading her way.
So last night we ended up taking Carla to the ER to get suctioned. She had a good feeding at 11am, a half feeding at 1pm, and didn't eat again until 8:30pm when we got back from the hospital. She couldn't eat because she was so stuffed up and couldn't breathe. She was/is wheezing a lot and you can tell how stuffy she is. My poor baby! Now she won't take her naps unless she is in my arms, which I love, except for the fact that I can't do anything. Zach has been very supportive. He has done dishes, laundry, and the vacuuming! Woo hoo! We're just hoping that we won't have to take her to the hospital again today. I wish that I could be the sick one, instead of her. It is so hard to watch her struggle to breathe and eat, and not know why or what to do. I want to protect her and it is so hard seeing her sick and not be able to do anything. My poor little love!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Sick Baby

My poor Carla is sick, but even though she is sick, she still tries to be happy. Not saying that she always is, but she tries. She got sick on Wednesday. She started with a nasty cough and a runny nose, then as the days went on, she got worse. By Saturday she was wheezing when she was breathing and her chest was rattling from all of the flem. She hadn't been sleeping very much because her coughing would wake her up, then she would cry and cough until she threw up. She had me SO worried that she was getting RSV, so on Sunday we took her into the insta care to find out what was going on. They checked her for RSV, and luckily that wasn't it. The doctor then told us the diagnosis, she has bronchiolitis, the inflammation of the bronchial. This is viral which means that they can't do anything for it. Antibiotics won't work, and she is too young for the other medicine. All we can do is comfort her and keep her hydrated, my poor baby! She won't even take her naps unless she is in my arms. As soon as I put her down she wakes up and won't go back to sleep, I guess she just wants her mommy, ahhhh. I was like that too. Whenever I was sick, I just wanted my mom to hold me and scratch my head until I fell asleep. She used to always say that she was looking for lice. Tee hee hee!! Oh, good memories! Anyways, we're supposed to take her back to the doctor's office tomorrow if she isn't doing any better because he wants to make sure that she doesn't develop RSV or bronchitis or something. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well tonight.
Props to my hubby-ba-lubby though. He has been cleaning the house! I haven't washed dishes in about 4 days!! That really means a lot to me. He is a good man. He even takes Carla in the morning so that I can sleep in because I wake up with her in the night. It feels so good to sleep in the cool morning air after a long night with Carlita. Thanks babe!! I love you mucho much!