Saturday, September 4, 2010

The ceiling is falling! The ceiling is falling!

It fell!

I guess there was an internal leak in the swamp cooler. It was funny because I thought that someone was breaking in, so in a very sneaky manner went to check it out. Yeah, like anyone is going to be scared of a hugely pregnant woman. When I looked down the hallway I realized it wasn't a robber, it was the ceiling, now

decorating the floor. More keeps falling, so Zach finally just finished tearing it down and pulling down the insulation. We are all okay. I was frustrated when I called our landlord because he thought that I was overreacting. Obviously NOT!!! He came over and was in shock. He said, "Wow, the ceiling really did fall." Um yeah! So for now we

get to live in an extremely HOT house, with a hole in the ceiling, and insulation particles in the air. Eh oh well, at least it isn't hazardous to our health and Elizabeth isn't here. If she was here I would really be going nuts, or we would be staying at my folks place until the hole got fixed. As of now, he is going to come on Saturday to see if it is dry or close to it so that he can fix it. When I told him that I was due to have Elizabeth next week he started to be a lot more apologetic and more empathetic as to our new found dilemma. So he is getting to work on it right away... thankfully! I was in the kitchen washing dishes and checking on Carla. A miracle happened amidst all of this because Carla would not get out of the car because her balloon had flown away and she was very upset. I kept checking on her, and no, the car was not hot, but she would not come in, or even let me unbuckle her from the car seat. She was in the car when this happened, and what a blessing it was! I don't know what could have happened to my sweet baby girl if the ceiling would have fallen on her head. Blessings have a way of coming in odd ways, but they are blessing non the less.