Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We have been wanting to go to the Manti Miracle Pageant for a couple of years now, but every time we start planning on it, something happens. This year, we had no money, and I mean absolutely NO money. My sweet mom paid for our gas so that we could go and we took our lunch, dinner, and snacks. We left here at noon and returned at 12:45 am. We spent almost the whole day at the park, which Carla LOVED, and also made a stop at the craft fair, which was really nice also. Then we went to see the pageant which was amazing as always. It was so beautiful how they told the Joseph Smith story, clips of the Book of Mormon, and the Pioneer trek west. Zach loved it, as it was his first time seeing it. Carla actually did miraculously well, especially after she fell asleep.
I had a sweet memory return to me. I remembered that was were I received my first testimony that the Church, Joseph Smith, everything was true. It was a wonderful to relive that moment, one which I treasure with all my heart, because that moment has changed my entire life. Without the Gospel in my life, I wouldn't have served a mission, an amazing and wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, and all of the other blessings which I receive daily.

El Salvador

Pictures can say more than a thousand words, so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. We went mostly to spend time with Abuelita Tere, which is what we mostly did. We went to Joya de Seren and the ruins of San Andres. Which are two very popular places in El Salvador. We also went to Guatemala for a few days and were able to see some very close family. It was wonderful to be back with our family. Carla discovered a love for bottle caps, brooms, cleaning, and wacales. She called her Tia Lucky "Tia" and even kept calling for her and her dog Bingo, and her bird Christina, long after we returned home.

She HATED the cold El Salvador showers but loved her Tia bathing her in the backyard of her house. I was so precious!

Monday, June 21, 2010


This was Carla's very first Easter Egg Hunt...really hunting! We went to the Rohrer's for the hunt between the Saturday sessions. She loved it! Especially when she realized that there were treats inside. YAY for chocolate!!

Then we came home and watched the second part of conference and opened our Easter baskets. Carla's favorite part of course was the stuffed bunny. We also put a church book in her basket. We decided that our new tradition is going to be receiving the Easter basket the day before Easter and the Easter basket have a special book about Jesus.

Then on Sunday we can focus more on the Savior and His resurrection. On Sunday, we went to my parent's house, of course, Carla had another Easter Egg hunt. Then we did something that was unforgettable- we had a snowball fight. Yup snow for Easter! Those two days were a blast!