Thursday, March 25, 2010

Duckies and Fishies

On Sunday we decided to go to the fish pond. We went and picked up my mom and went to the fish pond in Springville. I remember going there when I was a wee lassy. We took a lot of bread with us and from the moment we got there Carla was in love! She was staring at the duckies, the whole time saying "quack quack." The unexpected surprise that we got was that there were HUGE fish that were stealing the bread from the ducks. It was actually quite disgusting, but oh well. Good old sewer water, the breeder of many unusual things. Carla kept trying to get into the water. She wanted to go swimming with the duckies and so Zach got her close enough to touch the water once, and then my mom reminded us that it was sewer water, full of it's city yucks. Needless to say it was the one and only time she got to touch the water! We were there for over an hour and when it was time to go Carla cried and cried! Oh she was mad that we were leaving the duckies.

Moving, moving, moving

The baby is moving! I love it because it makes the pregnancy seem so much more real. I can't believe how fast time is flying though. I am 16 weeks today! At my next appointment on April 19th, we find out it he is a he or a she. Obviously I think that he is a he, so we'll see if I'm right. Although I do have to admit that sometimes it crosses my mind that he might be a she, but that is probably because we have a she already and I can't imagine life with a little he. I know that it is going to be wonderful, absolutely amazing. The first time I felt him move was on Friday, March 12. He kicked for the first time on Monday. There is such a difference with him and Carla though. Carla was a wiggler. She was always moving and kicking and doing somersaults. This one, he barely moves at all. I really have to pay attention to see if he is moving. He has only kicked once and is content being a lazy boy, which is fine. That way he probably won't leave me bruises like Carla did! I am so excited for our new babe to come and to hold, squeeze, kiss, and love on him. Oh life is bliss. Jam packed with blessings!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rub a dub dub, Ducky in the...

Toilet?? Zach went in to use the potty, good thing he looked in before he did. Much to his suprise there were two of her bath duckies! Carla is such a nut!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's yours is mine, & what's mine is mine

Yes, that is Carla's motto. So for the first time since she was born, I saw something that I wanted for myself and I bought it. It was a water bottle, almost identical to the purple one shown, but mine is blue with no butterflies. I bought it, and then Carla decided it was now her new sippy. I finally gave up and put milk in it and used as such. I was whining to Zach two Saturdays ago because of it and much to my amazement, when I got home from school there was a present on the table. Inside was a letter.
Also inside the present was MY water bottle and a water bottle for Carla, the purple one.It holds 16 oz, and she LOVES it... thankfully. I have such an amazing and wonderful husband. I love how he takes the initiative in so many ways to bring a smile to my face. What a sweetheart!