Monday, January 25, 2010

New Grandbaby

On Saturday we went up for Lexie's Baptism! Yup yup, after 2 months of planning and plans falling through, she was finally baptized and Melissa was there! It was so sweet to see all the kids waiting to be baptized. She was baptized along with 4 other Primary children at the Stake Baptism day. Zach gave a beautiful talk on the Holy Ghost, in which he compared the Holy Ghost to the ink inside a pen, and that once you are baptized, the ink goes into the pen, and dwells there. After the baptism, we ate cupcakes that were in the shape of a rainbow.
We went to mom's house for a little while, and when we were getting ready to leave, I asked Zach to ask mom to she if she wanted to change Carla's outfit. Underneath her white sweater she was wearing the "big sister" shirt. So mom and dad came over and mom took off her sweater. She didn't really notice the shirt so I said, "Mom, Carla wants you to read her shirt." When she read her shirt, she got this perplexed look on her face and said, " Big sister... really?? You are?!? I want all the details!" Dad was excited also, then mom asked him if he had read the shirt...."no... big sister. Oh wait, you're expecting???" I laughed, oh yes, I laughed. He was excited, but he didn't know why. I told them that I was about 6 weeks a long, and that I was going to see the doctor as soon as possible to make sure that everything was going smoothly. I also told them that I felt as if I was having a boy. Dad of course gave me the thumbs up, and mom said, "Oh good, I'll start shopping!" That will be nice since we don't have any boy anythings!

New Baby News!!

One New Year's Eve, we watched movies and ate junk food all night. At midnight we put the movie on pause, gave hugs, then resumed the movie. Once it was done, we went to bed. The next day was a bit more eventful... This new year has definitely been a welcomed one. Life has changed so much, and for the better, during the course of the year. There have been many challenges, and joys this year. I have learned so much about how to be a mom, and a better wife. I have learned where true joy comes from, which is from being with the ones you love. As long as we have family, and God, we can overcome anything and everything. There is a popular quote that states, "We begin and end with family." This small and simple quote is the bearer of all truth. We begin our lives, born into a family. They support us, they teach us, they love us, they inspire us. Then, the time comes for us to form our own family, and yet again, new births bring new joys into our lives. Then one day, the time for our farewell will come. Who will be with us, our family. Family is the one thing that WILL NEVER change. Learning to love altruistically with all that we have in us is no easy task, but that is why we were sent to a family. Our family is always with us, through the good and the bad, they are there to encourage and support us. We learn how to apologize, and forgive in our families. I believe that those are some of the greatest virtues one can obtain and perfect. I guess that I am thinking a lot more about families because we have been trying to expand our family for the last year.
Well, once again, I am PREGNANT! This time I even found out that I was pregnant before I miscarried. We are taking this to be a good sign. I have been feeling that I was pregnant for a couple weeks now, but when I took a test of the 24th of December, and it was negative, I was confused. I figured that I was just low on iron or exhausted from life. Especially since I haven't had a regular period since I miscarried in July. Well, this morning I woke up early, sneaked the test to the bathroom, and within a couple seconds, both signs appeared that I am pregnant. I was SO excited. I called my mom, my dad, and my sister, but to no avail, there was no answer. I wanted to surprise Zach with the news in a special way, so I didn't want to tell him just yet. A few hours later, I got a hold of my parents, and I gave them the great news. They are SO excited for us. Then I told Kitty Kat the news on our way to the mall. She was very excited also. We went to buy tickets to watch "Princess and the Frog" and then went to walk at the mall.
My ingenious plan was to buy a shirt for Carla that said "Big Sister" on it, and then present her to Zach. Well, lo and behold, the first store that we went to had one! I bought the shirt, went to the back to change her, and brought her out. The whole time Zach was utterly confused. He didn't have a clue what was going on. So, I came out, and turned the baby around so that he could see her. He gasped and then just stood there for a minute with his jaw dropped, and finally said, "Are you serious??" I told him that I was, he grabbed Carla, then I asked for him to give me a hug. Yup, he was in a state of shock. I was fun to see his face full of excitement. Kitty Kat took a picture of us while we were both trying to hold back the tears. It is so exciting to know that another baby will soon be born into our family. I feel confidant that my little one will grow and develop properly. I also feel like it is going to be a boy. We have already started the name search. So far, William _______ Roberts is what we have established. I love the name William, and it is Zach's middle name, even better!! Oh was a wonderful day. We finished the day off with watching another movie, going down to see my parents who got back from El Salvador at 2am, coming home, and I am writing (obviously) while Zach is preparing his talk for Lexie's baptism tomorrow, and Kat is txting someone. Yup yup, our eventful and oh so exciting New Year's Day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hurricane Carla

My baby girl is walking everywhere! She just absolutely loves to walk. Zach and I call her Hurricane Carla. We can tell everywhere that she has been by the mess she has left behind. It makes me laugh, and at times frustrated because I feel like all I do ALL day is clean up after her. But hey, that is what having a mobile one year old is all about! She is such a blast! She is walking so well, and all in a matter of weeks. One day, it just clicked and instead of taking 3 to 7 steps, she just started walking EVERYWHERE! No assistance needed or wanted. Oh my little baby, she has become a toddler!