Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Carla is 2... yes the big T W O!!!!

There are many new and exciting milestones that she has reached.
She can take her clothes on and off all by herself- mostly off though, she HATES wearing clothes.
She ABSOLUTELY loves being a big sister.
She is starting to learn to reason. "Carla you can have a popciccccle after you eat lunch." "Okay mommy." After lunch, "Please popciccccle mommy??" She is so smart.
She wakes up every morning and every nap-time naked, I mean butt naked!
She loves watching monsters, which is her special Saturday and Sunday treat with daddy.
She has learned her numbers in Spanish up to six, although she has a hard time remembering 4 sometimes.
She loves to read! Some of her favorite books are- Mom Mine, You Do, Mama do you love me, Zoom Zoom, This is the way we take a bath, The Book of Mormon Stories, The Friend, We're going on a bear hunt- especially the "tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe... WHAT'S THAT?!?" part.
She loves to color, and paint, not such a huge fan of finger painting though. She complains that her hands are yucky.
She loves eggs and yogurt!
She says "come in" when we knock on her door to get up from bedtime or after nap-time.
She loves playing with Bug, Taylor, Adam, Lacey, and Keith- our neighbors. She goes over to their house and knocks and knocks and yells "come in" until they let her come in.
She is daddy's buddy. She runs full speed to him when he comes home, and waves goodbye and blows him kisses until she can't see him when he leaves.
She went to her first movie- Despicable Me, and sat through most of it, except for when she went to the potty... all 5 times!
She is now, at 25 months potty trained, which she did all by herself!!
She loves taking bubble baths. She got two today... lucky baby.Best of all, when she goes to sleep she still waits for me to tell her...
"I'll like you forever, I'll love you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."
So despite all of her growing up, she will always, ALWAYS be my baby.
You bring joy, laughter, and pride to my life, my sweet baby girl.