Saturday, February 28, 2009

Drama, drama, drama

This week was a stressful one. Zach hasn't been working very much and school is difficult. We also think that Carla is teething because she is drooling a ton, chewing on everything, extra fussy, and is also congested. Poor baby. Ty told us about teething tablets, and it is almost as if we have our calm, peaceful baby back. I am so grateful for modern medicine! For some reason when Zach is home, it completely throws off my routine. I finally cleaned my house last night and this morning. It was nice that he went to work this morning so that I could finally get some things done around the house. When Zach is home, I want to spend all my time with him, talking, playing around, watching movies, going on walks, going to the dollar movies, anything as long as I'm with him. I feel so loved when I'm with him. I am so blessed that he is my husband and best friend.
This picture is of one of our outing this week. We went to the mall to walk and window shop. While we were at Motherhood Maternity, Zach tried on the belt thing that shows you how you would look if your would add three months to however far along you are in your pregnancy. So, this is Zach at 3 months pregnant!


Last night Carla was on the floor playing. She was having a grand old time laughing, talking and moving around. Before we knew it, she had started to move in a circle. She would almost roll over then scoot her little bum, and kick with her legs! It was hilarious to watch. She did a full circle on the floor. I was going to post a picture of it, but it was during naky time.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New phone...

For the first time, we now have a home phone! I'm so excited!! On Saturday we recieved our first phone call from Ty. Mom (Zach's mommy) was the first to have our phone number. What a momentous day. We are now in the phone book too! Crazy! We have our own internet now also. WoO hOo!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Trees and Stumps

Zach made dinner: hot dogs with ketchup and mustard and boiled broccoli. So, I finish my broccoli, and I LOVE my broccoli. Zach didn't finish his, so he gave it to me. There were a lot of the tress, and very little stumps. We always make extra stumps because they are my favorite. I asked Zach why he left so many trees and not very many stumps, his hilarious reply, "Woodland creatures don't live in the stumps. Maybe termites, but not woodland creatures." Oh yes, this is the man I married! Tee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!!!!

"I'm Fat" Attacks

Every few weeks I have my "I'm Fat" attacks. I become obsessed about my weight, my figure (or lack of), and my prettiness. For a day or two, I get really depressed, cry and whine to Zach. Hence the new hairdo and the treadmill last month. Every time something random triggers them, whether it be trying on clothes, stepping on the scale, or seeing other pretty skinnier people. To this time, it was Jelly Bellys. I love Jelly Bellys, and on Friday we bought over a pound of them. So as I was sitting at the kitchen table, eating Jelly Bellys, I realized what I was doing, then remembered that I have recently been gaining weight. I started to complain to Zach, and got frustrated that we buy junk food as snacks, and I end up eating them all and reap the consequences in my thighs and middle. After a while of this, we went to sleep. When I woke up Sunday morning, Zach was already awake. I opened the fridge and MUCH to my surprise, ALL of our junk food was gone. The sodas, the $10 worth of Jelly Bellys, the chocolate truffles, etc... All of it GONE! I of course freaked out, and Zach kindly said, "I thought we should try to be healthy." What I am interpreting as, "I don't like it when you get so sad, mad, and depressed about yourself. So lets do something about it." Oh I love my husband. I have to say, at first I was a bit frustrated because even though I want to loose weight and feel good again, I LOVE chocolate, soda, chips, truffles, basically, I love ALL junk food. After a few minutes, I realized that he was right. If I want to feel good, I need to eat good. I am slowly getting rid of my baked goods junk food. Yesterday the Lymans got some very chocolaty brownies, and tomorrow at the Hispanic Club meeting, I'll be making cherry cheesecake. The pain, the horror! I never realized how hooked I am to sugar. So, wish me luck my friends. I want to fit into a smaller size of pants by the time Abi gets married on May 24. This is what my fridge looks like now that it has been Zachified... EMPTY!

Slim and Trim to Perfectly Round...

Carla was born 2 1/2 weeks early at 5lbs 7oz. She was in the 3rd percentile for her weight. The doctor told me that we needed to put some fat on her bones. She is now in the 75th percentile for her weight. Think I overdid it??

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Have you ever wondered where your baby got some of their features? Well, this is one question that is answered by a picture in my case. Gee, I wonder where Carlita got her cheeks?? I wonder, I wonder.
Yup yup...ME! Carla and I have morning naps together on the couch. This particular day, as in about 3 days ago, Zach came home from school and we were still napping on the couch.

Valentines Day

It was so cute! There is now another girl in our little clan. So Zach, the nice man that he is, and unknown to me, bought Carlita her first Valentines present. He got her first bouquet of roses, a stuffed doggy, and a precious card. So stinking adorable! I got a bigger vase of roses, a bigger doggy, and a touching card. It was so nice. Ty, helped me make Zach's present. Carla and I gave him a floating frame that reads, "My prince did come... His name is DADDY," and we put a picture of Carla, then Zach and Carla, then one of Zach. (See Pic) It of course turned out amazing, thanks to Ty's creative mind. I also made him a card. It read, "Happy Valentines Day..." (outside) "To the man I love" (inside) Those of you who have seen "Thou Shalt Laugh" understand why that is so funny. If you haven't seen that movie, CALL ME! On with our day... he of course had to work in the morning and I worked at night, so we celebrated valentines on Friday. We three went out to eat at my favorite restaurant, "Restaurante El Salvador." That was the extent of our Valentines Day. Short, and sweet. But the important thing is that we are together, healthy, and happy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My prince did come... his name is Daddy!

The loves of my life. Zach looks so good. I just want to eat him up!
He loves being a daddy, and Carla loves him very much. They have a lot of fun when they play together. Mostly because Carla gets to laugh at all the funny faces her daddy makes.

The cutest wet baby picture ever!!!

I LOVE this picture of her! We were bathing her a couple weeks ago when I took this.

Mommy/Baby Shower

Last Sunday, we took our first shower! Carla didn't know what was going on. She was so confused. Poor baby. But she really liked the water falling on her, and the fact that she was with mommy. Of course! It was so much fun. Zach won't shower with her because he doesn't want her to see him naky. LOL!

First Laugh!

On Tuesday, my little angel had her first belly laugh! It was the funniest thing in the world. so we were playing and she was being such a happy baby. I decided to gnaw on her side, which she loves! While I was tickling her, she let out a big laugh! I quickly called Zach, who was at school so he could share the moment. Luckily enough, she laughed for him also. So much stinking fun! My big girl! Just look at that grin!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Carla's Doctor Visit...

On Friday I took Carlita to the Dr. Nuttal because I thought that she was starting to get the beginnings of RSV. She was having a hard time breathing, you could tell that there was mucus in her throat, and she wasn't eating very much at a time. I was starting to get nervous and called the doctor. He told me to bring her in immediately because he wanted to make sure it was nothing serious. Luckily she was okay. She does have dry mucus, but it isn't too serious. She has to sleep more upright, and we have to watch her closely to make sure that it doesn't get any worse. I hope and pray that she'll recover her health soon. I don't like to see her so sad and uncomfortable. Poor baby!

Sweet Awakenings

Is there anything more sweet than to wake up to the sound of the cocoa latte machine runnin, and of course a crying baby? I am a HUGE fanatic of hot chocolate, and for Christmas, my sister and niece gave us a cocoa latte machine. It is amazing! Gormet hot chocolate in minutes!!! Many a morning I am lucky enough to wake up to the sound of hot chocolate being made. None other than my wonderful husband wakes and before he goes off to school, he starts a batch of hot chocolate just for me. Ummmm.... chocolate. As the matter of fact, while I'm writing I am pausing to sip my delicious, creamy, and rich hot chocolate.
Start the morning right, drink hot chocolate!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bitter-Sweet Moment

Today was the day, yes seri. I finally put away Carla's preemie and newborn clothes! It was so sad. While I was sitting there putting her clothes in the plastic tub, I could remember all the times that she had worn each outfit, and the many times she spit-up, or did her duty on them. (The onesie that is on top was her very first preemie outfit. Zach bought as a suprise when we realized that she didn't fit into her newborn clothes because she was too small. It reads, "If you think I'm cute, you should see my mom" LOL) I couldn't help but feel sad that my little baby was getting so big. But at last, every day we make new memories that fill our hearts. Without her getting bigger, I would have never seen her first smile, first coo, first roll over, etc... Treasure every moment with the ones you love, for a moment is just that, a moment. Then it is gone, and all you are left with is the memory. I find myself just staring at my baby for hours. I especially enjoy the moments when Zach is with her, showing her how much he loves her. He is such a wonderful daddy.


I just want to say that I know that there are miracles every day in our lives. My grandma lives in El Salvador and I usually go see her every couple years. Now that Carlita is here I really want her to meet her great-grandma. So we really wanted to go this May, but money was short. We have been struggling, like a lot of people these days. So, I picked up a couple hours at Tommy's and became my mom's "official" tutor. I was tutoring her before, but now the school pays me! Sweet! And with the money that we're getting back from taxes, we'll be just fine and be able to go to El Salvador too!

I have been having a hard time coping with my "after baby" body. My sweet, amazing, kind, sensitive and adoring husband sent me to get my hair cut, highlighted, bought me clothes that fit, and a treadmill. I have, in two weeks, lost 6 lbs, and am feeling pretty again. Let me tell you, I haven't felt that way in a long time! My blessing and miracle: not only feeling pretty and losing weight, but to be married to such a wonderful man. He is my strength, my piller when I'm weak, the holder of my heart, my inspiration, my best friend, my husband, Zach.

My extended family has been such a blessing. My mom and dad who always call to see how we're doing. Who give so much of their time to help us, and get just as excited as I do when Carla reaches her little milestones. I always call my mom because I know that she'll listen to me complain and tell me what I want to hear, and if it isn't what I want to hear, she puts it gently. Thank you for teaching me the way of the Lord mami y papi!

And of course, my in-laws, who don't feel like in-laws at all, but like my family. I love them and appreciate everything that they do for me. They give so much of themselves. Zach and I went on our first date since Carla was born on Jan 22nd because my "mom" and Megan, Vanessa, Josh and Jen, came down from Herriman and watched the baby while we went to Tucano's for my birthday date. It was so nice! Mom, you raised an amazing son. I hope you know what a wonderful mother you are, and that you are such a great example to me.

My life has been filled with blessings and miracles! I am greatful to my Savior and Father for each and every one of them. "I'm trying to be like Jesus."

New Friends...

Yesterday, my new friends came over for movie night. Jayna and Eliza (Jayna's baby) came and we watched "Becoming Jane." We are going to make Wednesday movie night because both of our husband are working or school. Fun huh!?! I know, I'm so excited! It is so nice to have good friends. I have been blessed with amazing friends my whole life. They have been the kind of friends that I know will be there whenever I need them, and even when I don't, if that makes any sense. Thanks for always being there for me girlies! LYLAFKLC!!! (love you like a fat kid loves cake)

Monday, February 2, 2009

From Heaven, Through Daddy, to Me

Carla was blessed on Sunday, Feb. 1 2009. It was such a special day, for many reasons. That was also the day that I was baptized and confirmed, Feb. 1 1992. I was so proud of my baby, and my lover. I am so blessed that Zach is a worthy Priesthood holder and can perform ordinances such as this one. Carla was so good, thanks to the fact that I fed her right before she was blessed, so she slept through the whole thing! The members in the circle were: Zach (of course), my daddy, my dad, Alan (my brother-in-law), Rolando, Dan Evans, Glen Paystrup, Roger Paystrup, Fulgencio Choy. Some things that were mentioned in the blessing were:
Being blessed with health and strength
Grow healthy and strong
Mind will be enlightened by the Spirit at a young age
Educated in church and in studies
Be an influence and example to your family and neighbors
Treat others with kindness and respect
Marry a choice husband, a worthy Priesthood holder in the Temple
To be raised in the Gospel by parents who love you
Raise your own family in the Gospel
Charitable heart and be able to see others for who they are
You will love others
Filled with the Holy Ghost
Know your mistakes and repent quickly
You will be led and guided by choice people who love the Savior
What a beautiful blessing! After Sunday School, we went to the house and had a shindig. We had family and friends come to the house and ohh and aww at Carla. I feel so blessed to be a mommy. I love my daughter, my little love. It's 3am and she's screaming her head off, and I go in her room, and as soon as she hears my voice she quiets down. I feel so lucky to be a mommy, to have those experiences that bring joy to my heart. I love going into her room when she starts to squirm and she opens her little beautiful eyes, and looks up at me and gives me a big smile. I feel blessed, I feel complete!