Monday, July 19, 2010

Elizabeth Jane

Baby #2 will be arriving shortly! We decided to name her Elizabeth Jane Roberts. She will be named after both of her grandmas, just as I am. My mom's name is Georgina Elizabeth and Zach's mom's name is Jane Agnes. So we decided to put together Elizabeth Jane, instead of Georgina Agnes. Tee hee hee. Everything has been going great. At 20 weeks we found out that our baby was going to be a girl. It was a shocker because I was positive that she was really going to be a "he." When the Ultrasound tech said, "Looks like a girl!" We both were in shock, especially Zach. The tech even said, "looks like dad is in disbelief, lets see if we can get another angle. Yup, just more labia." When we were walking to the car, Zach finally said, "Its a girl." I just laughed. Then of course he blamed his shock on me because I was the one that convinced him that we were having a boy. Yeah, nice one honey, blame it on the pregnant wife. Very nice. Tee hee hee. Anyways, we are ecstatic to be blessed with another princess in our family.
About a month after that, I started measuring big, every couple weeks Dr. Young would have me come in to recheck me and yet again, my uterus was growing and growing. He had me take the glucose test, and I passed with a 97%. I had another ultrasound done and low and behold, I had very high fluid level. Normal is 6-18, and I had a whopping 22! I started to freak out because of all of the complications that it could bring. Luckily the baby is a lot bigger than what she should be. The is measuring three weeks bigger than normal. They considered changing my date, but decided not too, although the date according to the baby's growth and the due date according to my last menstrual cycle is the same, August 21st. So we'll see when she comes, anyways back to the complications... the next day, my daddy and Zach gave me a blessing. It was a wonderful, calming blessing. In it I was promised that I would sleep...YAY!!!! Also that Elizabeth Jane was fine and that the labor would go well and smoothly. In it, Father also said that I needed to have the courage to get the rest that I needed and to protect the baby. So that is what I have done. I have tried to eat more than once a day, because I just don't get hungry, and drink a lot more liquids. I am trying very hard to eat healthy and to take care of my body as much as possible.
The next week, which was last Monday, I went in for another Non-Stress Test, and low and behold, the fluid level went down 6 points! I was at a 16, the only downside was that she moved and is now in breech position.
Today, I went in for my supposedly last NST. Elizabeth was moving like crazy, probably because I drank 22 oz of KoolAid before going to the appointment. Cheese! Then we, Zach got out early and was able to come to the appointment, went in for the ultrasound, and the doctor said, even before measuring all the fluid, that there wasn't very much fluid around the baby. Sure enough, there wasn't. The fluid went down 8 points. Now I am only at a 9. Great. Anything under 6 and I can't have a VBAC anyways. Great. She is at least head down, sort of. Above her head is her hand, holding the umbilical cord, which I guess is a bad thing because she can't come out vaginally that way because she would be pulling the cord out with her.
Now the doctor is concerned because my fluid level is dropping too fast, so I'll be going in next week for another NST to make sure that the fluid isn't too low. If all goes well, I will be able to skip a week then I'll be going in weekly for my appointments because I'll be in the last month of the pregnancy.
I can't believe that everything is going by so fast! This pregnancy has just flown by. Obviously by my lack of writing about everything that is going on. Soon enough we'll have our little Elizabeth Jane, our butterfly here in our arms. We are anxious for her to join our family. We love her so much already!