Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zach's idea of cooking...

My wonderful husband likes to suprise me by cooking. The only thing is that he forgets to take the cover off before he puts the pan on. Yeah, the burner doesn't get as hot when the cover is on.
Way to go lover! I just love you my hubby baluby!


Wednesday was the first day of school. My sweet husband went from 4-9pm. He is taking a Spanish class, Math class, and a Humanities class. I have been wanting to go back to school for the last few semesters, but when I pray about it, I get a very distinct "no." Finally I prayed about it was received the answer that I could if I wanted to. So, after much soul searching, praying, and contemplating, I decided I would. Oddly enough when I was finally able to go, I didn't want to. Lacey, my wonderful and amazing neighbor, is going to be watching on Carla. Finally the first day of school came, I hesitantly left. If was funny because after I got there, I LOVED it! It was so invigorating. Now I'm okay. I think school will be fun.

The girls...

Lexie and Lydia, two of Melissa's girlies came to stay the week with us. We had lots and lots of fun! We went to Chuck E Cheese, put up a rainforest pool in the backyard, taught them about the north star and Jesus' birth, went to the duck pond/park, and even made homemade pizza...TWICE!

It was so great to see them and to spend time with them. I loved having them here. We were able to really bond with them and learn so much about them.


The 26th was Kat's 17th birthday,

the 27th was Dad's 56th birthday, and

the 29th was Jen's sweet 16! We went up for the Oquirrah Mountain Dedication and to celebrate birthdays on the 23rd. We had lots of fun! I made their presents, of course. Here are the pics Ty! Just like I promised. Late but hey, better late than never. We had a lot of fun. Carla absolutely LOVES Auntie Megan. Megan always comes down to watch on her and when we go up, she plays with her Auntie almost the whole time. Mom and dad are lucky if they get a chance to hold her.

9 MONTHS! and Carla Update...

Aug 14th- Carla's first word! It was morning and I could hear Carla talking and cooing in her room. Suddenly, I heard her scream, "MAMA!" I ran to her room, overjoyed, but curious if she knew what she was saying. When I went in she stretched her arms out to me and said, "mama, mamamamama." I was so happy! What a wonderful feeling it is to hear her say mama! She knows who I am!
Aug 16th- Carla turned 9 months! 9 MONTHS?? QUE EN EL MUNDO??? (what in the world)What happened to my baby!
Aug 17th- I took her to the doctor's for her 9 month appointment. He said that she was abnormally gaining weight. He won't put her on a diet because she is to young, but that I need to feed her lower calorie food, and to give her more table food and less baby food. I should only nurse her 3 times daily. So we will see how everything goes. Although I think that she is thinning out.
Aug 18th- Carla's second word! Lexie and Lydia were staying with us for a few days. They were playing with her in the same manner that Zach plays with her, when I hear, "Dada. Dadadadadadada." I walked into the room and she stopped saying dada and started saying mama. When Zach got home, I told him the exciting news, but he thought I was kidding, until he picked her up, she grabbed his face and said, "Dada." He was so excited and proud of his little girl!
Aug 21st- The little girls, Carla and I were playing in Carla's room, when suddenly she saw a book on the other side of the room and took 3 full crawls to get it! SHE CRAWLED!! Oh no, my baby is now officially MOBILE! I was so excited! Since then she has been crawling everywhere. I have to close the doors of the rooms that I don't want her getting into and re-baby proof the house. It has been a blast watching her crawl. She didn't do the army crawling, or much scooting, she went straight to 4 point crawling, which is also abnormal. I think that I need to be content being the mom of an abnormal baby. I LOVE IT!!
Aug 22nd- We were laying in bed, as a Saturday morning tradition, and Carla was with us. She crawled to the top of the bed, looked at the headboard, grabbed on and UP she went! She pulled herself up! She had never done that before! The next day, when I went in to get her up in the morning she was standing up on the side of the crib. I yelled for Zach, he came running, thinking something was wrong, but nope, I just wanted him to see her standing in her crib. It was oh so cute!
Aug 26th- I was deep cleaning the house, when I decided that Carla had a lot of clothes in her closet that she didn't fit into. So I decided it was time to clean out her closet. I put away all of her clothes that was under 12 months, and even some 12 month clothes that was to small. I was so depressing. She now has half the amount of clothes. My little baby is growing up so fast. It is so sad to see her getting so big and independent, but at the same time I love each new stage and milestone. I love being your mommy Carla!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Arizona trip, wedding, pool party

We went to Arizona this past weekend. It was a LONG drive. We left on Friday the 30th, and took a wrong turn on our way down, which made our 8 hour trip into a 10 & 1/2 hour trip. Poor Carla was so good, frustrated, but still good. We stayed at some people's house who we don't know. They were exceptionally nice, and accommodating. The next day was just plain hectic. We went went to the wedding, but the marriage license wasn't there. It was two hours away, so, two and a half hours after the sealing was supposed to start it actually did. We were video recording the wedding so we were there forever, then we all went back to the place where we were staying and Aubrie, now Radigan, changed out of her wedding dress. We then drove almost two hours to the reception in Payson AZ. I helped get Aubrie re-dressed, did her hair and her makeup and recorded the ring ceremony and the reception.
It was a long day which ended with a long drive, another two hours, to Phoenix to stay at my cousin, Michelle's house. The next day was her son's birthday. Zach and Knighty played with him in the morning. They were having so much fun! They we went to his birthday pool party. It was Carla's first time being in a pool and she LOVED it! I dunked her for the first time and she had so much fun!

While the birthday boy was playing in the pool when his little floating devices came off his arm and he started to drown. His Mommy, my cousin, jumped into the pool and got him out. It was amazing to see her run so fast and jump into the pool. Thankfully he got there in time and the little one was okay. Am I ever glad for maternal instincts. We then drove back the 12 hours. We left at 8:30pm and arrived at 9am monday morning. On the way back we got a flat tire and a nice man at the tire store opened early and fixed our tire. It was so nice of him. We were able to finish getting home exhausted, but safe.

Tia Mima, with Carla! It was so nice to see her. I hadn't seen her in 8 years.

I love Mormon boys

I love this shirt! I bought it at a garage sale for $0.15! I was for my nieces but Zach just had put it on Carla as a night shirt first!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Too Chunky??

Is there such a thing?? Well, we decided to take out the bumper in Carla's crib. She is a big girl, she can do without. Well, we took them out, and this was her position in her crib while she was sleeping. Once she got her chunky thighs stuck, she couldn't get them out. She would start crying and screaming until we went in and got them unstuck. After two days and nights of going in every hour or so to get her unstuck, we decided that she was too big to NOT use the bumper. I love my big, happy baby!

Ahhh, time to blog! Pioneer Day...

It has been a while, and I have missed writing. Now it is time to catch up. So on the 24th we went to a movie, UP, with my parents. We all cried except for Zach, the non-emotional one in the family. My mom was crying A LOT! It is such a beautiful movie! Then we went to eat at a yummy pizza place, Pizza 712, I think it is called!? We had such a fun time talking and laughing and reminiscing on old times. We went to "walk" at the mall. Yeah, we made it to two stores, PayLess, and a scrapbooking store.
We bought Carla shoes that fit. She hasn't had any that fit her since Feb! Then back to my parents house for a BBQ. Sadly we couldn't light any fireworks because they were illegal in Springville because it was such a dry year. Boo hoo! We had such a blast with my parents! They are great!