Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3, 3 and under

Yes that is right! We are having another baby! It has been a roller coaster for sure! I'm due July 16, 2012, which means that I'm about 13 1/2 weeks along. We found out I was pregnant over 2 months ago, but I was on risk of miscarriage, so we didn't want to say anything. Especially with having a miscarriage 2 months before conceiving again. Yeah, we were not planning on getting pregnant so quickly after the miscarriage, but Heavenly Father has His plan. We weren't doing anything to prevent it, but we weren't trying either.
Back to pregnancy.
Because I miscarry a lot, they put me on progesterone. I will be on that stuff until I'm 14 weeks! Not fun! But hey, only a few days left. We have had plenty of scares with this baby, but as of right now, everything is going great! I'm so excited to welcome a new bundle of joy to our family. We may not be a perfect family, and I may not be the ideal mom, but that baby will receive more loving than he/she can handle for sure!!

There are going to be so many changes with 3 babies:
A minivan... I never thought that day would come. Me, a minivan momma! Woo gunner.
Two girls in one room... I hope they don't hurt each other, and learn how to sleep!
Officially outnumbered... There will be more children than adults in our home. Heaven help us!
Sleepless nights... again.
Return of the cow... yes that is me. How am I going to juggle nursing plus taking care of two toddlers???
I'm sure there are more, but for right now, that is enough for me. Yay for baby #3!!


  1. YAY, everyone is pregnant in our ward!! YAY for babies!

  2. Congrats! That is so stinking exciting!

  3. Congrats! I'm always impressed by people that can do kids so fast like this, but then I remember you're awesome! And you make some pretty adorable girls :)

  4. Congrats! I had to do the progesterone to this pregnancy because I miscarried twice before this one. But it was sure worth it! I'm only 5 wks away from having my lil boy:) can't wait to meet him! Happy for you & your cute family:)

  5. Good for you. You will do awesome. They will be such good friends being so close. I love having my kids so close together. You will adjust to three with ease, then wonder what you every did without him/her. Good luck!