Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anniversary and California

Our anniversary was spent driving to California. The End.
In California however we had so much fun! Too much probably, we didn't want to come home. We stayed with my little bro and his wife, Abi and Diana. Whom we are eternally indebted to. They payed for our gas to go up there and let us stay with them. We (Abi, Diana, Saria and Patrick-sister and bro in law, Zach and I) went out for hibachi our first night there. They sang to us, and Abi and Diana and took our pictures because we were all celebrating our anniversaries. It was amazing! We even got to wear Pikachu hats!! We spent a lot of time at the swimming pool at Abi's place and just hung out. We went to the beach, and yes, that is a HUGE snake around my neck, yes again, I am holding my 8 month old daughter.
The snake even crawled around her neck! EWWWWW!!! What was I thinking!?!?! Oh well, it was a great memory! The other girly is my niece, Noemi, who was excited to have the snake around her. Apparently she loves snakes. Crazy head! I loved being there with my family. I realized how much I really miss my siblings. It was great to be there with them.

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